About The Site & Me

My name is Max and I made this website to dedicate to Wentworth and all of it's amazing fans. I have had a Wentworth instagram fan account for five years now but I can never seem to keep up with updating it so I am creating this website in hopes that I'll be more active here since this whole html and css thing is my current hyperfixation. I already have a shrine for Wentworth up on my personal site but why not create a whole other website? In here, you will most likely read my personal commentaries as well as general information about the show.

You can contact me for whatever reason through email. Click here to do so. You can also check the footer on my socials.


⚛ There will be SPOILERS!! If you haven't finished the show, please read up at your own discretion. You've been warned.

⚛ My personal opinions about certain characters/scenes/plots are just that — my own.

⚛ This website is not yet made responsive (mobile friendly). I might get around to it in the future but for now, this is best viewed on a desktop.

⚛ This site was made on a whim as a result of a manic episode so don't expect any of this to be well-written or make much sense. Sometimes I just ramble passionately about this show.

⚛ I am not a web developer so the coding is shite, just deal with it.